The word from the nutritionist

Superfood: we try to understand them together

The superfoods are aliments that aver a content of nutrients higher than the average of the traditional foods. In particular they are rich in vitamin, mineral salts, fibres, enzymes, anti-oxidants and other phytonutrients.

In particular the superfoods are fruit,vegetables, spices or seeds that contein active ingredients that give you benefical effects if they are correctly indruced in your diet. Unfortunately, in some cases the special properities of some superfood are not supportend by scentific evidences, in other cases their nutritional value is recognized but you can find the identical value in more economical and more common foods. A typcal example is the kale, that belong to the same family of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, that in these years is very appreciate for its high content of glucosinates. In reality, the kale is not best of its relatives: the kales contain 100mg of glucosinate instead the cabbages have a higher content of them (236mg).

Camu camu, lucuma, maqui berries, açai berries, pitayam, noni, chokeberry, Ulu, Moringo: are all exotical fruit very rich in nutritional and benefical substances, but not for these they are best or more healty than the fruits that usually you consume as: blueberries, kiwi, citrus, black raisin.

Not forget of the typical foods of the Mediterranean diet as extra virgin olive oil, garlic, hot pepper and nuts that have not anything less of spirulina algae or the maca powdered.


Published 08 January 2018