The word from the nutritionist

An apple a day...

The apple is known for its beneficial properties, in fact, a famous saying is "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".

The apple is a very famous fruit, in fact, you can find it both in historical events and in fables and legends: for example the apple of the forbidden tree of Adam and Eve, the apple that fell on Isaac Newton’s head and allowed him to discover the law of the universal gravitation, the famous apple that the witch gifted to Snow White.


All over the all the apple is known for its beneficial properties, in fact, a famous saying is “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. The secret of the nutritional and healthy properties of the apple is the pectin, a soluble fiber presents in high quantity in the rind. The pectin aids your body to control the cholesterol level, to regularize the intestinal functions and to control the appetite. An apple of middle size, that is eaten with the rind, gives you about 4g of fibers. A high quantity of pectin is soluble in water and for this it is different from the fiber contained in the bran, in some vegetables and in the cereals. This fiber is able to form a gelatinous mass in your intestine that aids the musculature to push the residues out of the intestine, to lower the cholesterol and to favor the loss of weight. This gelatinous mass aids to purify your body, in fact, it favors the elimination of the intestinal toxins.


The apple is a very beneficial fruit: it’s ideal for the children during the weaning because it is a highly tolerable and digestible food. It’s also a perfect snack in fact it feeds but doesn’t tire the stomach. It’s advised for the athletes because it contains simple sugars (fructose and glucose). The apple is an ally in the hypocaloric diet because it is very rich in water (about 85%), is very filling, thanks to its high content of fibres, and has only 57 kcal for 100g of product.


Probably only one apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away, but it is so beneficial and so tasty that you can’t forget to put it in your cart.


Published 31 January 2017