This is the perfect sweet to eat with a good "cappuccino" just wake up or at eh tea time.


Ingredients for a cake-tin with high high rims  and 22 cm of diameter:

- 3 yogurt jar of flour

- 2 egg

- 1/2 yogurt jar of sugar

- 2 cups of sugared coffee

- 3 spoons of coconut rapè

- 3 spoon of thousand flowers Vis honey

 - 1 yogurt jar of corn seed oil

- 1 packet of yeast

- icing sugar and coffeè beans to decorate



In a bowl whisk the egg with sugar until you obtain a frothy mixture. Add the flour and continue to mix with the eletric whisk, then add the coffeè, the oil, the honey, the coconut and the yeast. Pour the mixture into a cake-tin previously buttered and cook in a pre-heated oven to 170°C for about 40 minutes. Let it cold and then decorate it with icing sugar and coffeè beans.