A typical Sicilian spoon sweet that Veronica prepared with tangerin juice, chestnut honey and brandy.


Ingredients for 4 little bowls:

- 200 ml tangerin juice

- 200 ml water

- 1 spoon of Vis chestnut honey

- 2 tea-spoon of Brandy

- 75g sugar

- 35g potato starch

For garnish:

liqueur chocolates

- caramelized ginger


In a saucepan (no flame) mix the sugar with the potato starch, then add the filtred tangerines juice. Mix well all ingredients, the add the water and mix all in order to avoid the formation of clots during the cooking. Now turn on the gas.  Cook with a low heat and add the honey and the Brandy, continue to cook until the water is coming to boil.

Take out of the fire and pour the mixture into 4 little bowl previousy moistened. Let them cold and then store in fridge for about 6 hours. Take out the gelo from the bowl and dispose them over a 4 dishes. Garnish every dish with a liquor chocolate and some caramelized ginger.