Would you try to prepare the cornetti at home? Here you can find a fast and easy recipe to prepare them.


- 550g flour (250g type 0 and 250g strong flour)

- 100g seeds oil

- 2 eggs

- 250 ml milk

- 60g sugar

- 1/2 little cube of brewers yeast

- vanilla aroma or a rind of one citrus 

- butter q.b.

- brown sugar q.b.

- milk q.b


For stuffing:

-  "Più Frutta Benessere" Pineapple and Yellow Kiwi jam


In a kitchen machine pour the flour with the milk, previously mixed with the yeast, the sugar and the aroma. Mix them until they are well amalgamated, the add one egg at a time, a pinch of salt and the oil. Mix until the dough come off from the sides.

Divede the dough in 8 parts and let them leaven until they duplicate their volumes. Spread every ball in a thin pastry and everlap each other sprinkle every layer with butter and brown sugar, except the last pastry.

Spread another time the dough and cut 18-20 triangles. Stuff every triangle with jam and form the cornetti. Let them leaven until the duplicate thier volumes, brush every one with milk and sprinkle them with brown sugar. Cook in a pre-heated oven to 180°-200° C for 15-20 minutes.

Let them cold before serve.