Here you can find the recipe of an ice cream with a flavour different than usual. In its preparation was used lime honey and elderflower.


- 400ml milk

- 100ml fresh cream

- 50g elderflower

- 50g sugar

- 1 spoon of glucose

- 2 spoons of lime honey



Warm the milk with the fresh cream and the elderflowers. When boiling, remove the liquid from the fire and let it cold (don't remove the flowers).

When it is cold remove the flowers and put the mixture on fire. Add the glucose and the sugar. Mix all and warm until the temperature will be 80°C.  Remove from fire and let it cold.

Process using the soft ice cream method for about 20 minutes.After this time variegate the cream tith the honey. Transfer the ice cream into a plumcake mould and store in freezer for one night.