The word from the nutritionist

Summer coming: prepare your skin for the summery tan

In the past the blackberries harvest was one of one best moment of the excursion in the mountains, but today, if you want taste these little fruits it is necessary to go to the greengrocer.

To take advantage of the sun it’s very important to prepare in time your skin in order to obtain an enviable tan and avoid sunburns and erythema.


The UV radiations cause the formation of free radicals that have a primary role in cutaneous aging and in the skin tumors. In order to prepare yourself for the sun baths it’s very important to train the skin to produce the melanin, that is a natural barrier against the UV rays. For this reason you should expose your skin to the sun every day, even for a short time.


Different specific alimentary supplements are commercially available to prepare the skin for the sun, but all over the all a perfect tan is prepared with a correct alimentation. Fruit and vegetable aid to keep hydrated your skin giving it mineral salts, vitamins (A, C, E) and antioxidants, that are an important natural shield for your body. To satisfy your antioxidants requirement it is only necessary that you remember the famous rule to consume five portions of fruit and vegetable every day, matched with a correct diet.


Finally you have to remember to drink a lot of water during the day in order to keep a correct skin hydration, but also to aid your kidneys to purify your body.


Published 01 June 2016