The word from the nutritionist

On the beach in safety

The sun on your skin and the noise of the waves: few things that are pleasant and relaxing such as a beach day. If you want to be fully enjoyed is necessary follow some advice and device that make your day comfortable and safe.

For the people that go to sea only for sunbathe and swim, in addition to the main civility rule, that is “Leave the beach as you would find it”, there is the Decalogue Bather:


1) don’t swim if you aren’t in perfect psychophysical conditions;

2) even if you are a great swimmer don’t force your physical;

3) after a long exposition to the sun enter gradually in water;

4) wait at least 3 hours from the last meal;

5) don’t enter in water when there is the red flag;

6) if you are not able to swim, bathed in very shallow water;

7) don’t go away from the safe bathing area bounded;

8) don’t go away from the beach over the 50 m using mats, donuts, floating and little inflatable dinghies;

9) not dive from the rocks;

10) observe the previsions in the ordinance for the regulation of the beach activities, in particular: don’t disturb the quiet of the bathers ( rowdiness, radio with high volume), no pets in the beach, except the areas where this is expressly provided, don’t mount tents, fire or camping on the beach.

Published 01 July 2016