Here you can find another idea for your home-made Christamas gifts.


- 200g dry biscuits

- 125g bitter chocolate

- 110g butter

- 50g icing sugar

- 3 spoons of  "Natura Golosa" chestnut cream

- q.b. grated rind of one orange



Melt in bain-maria the chocolate with the sugar and the butter. In the meantime mince the biscuits and put them in a bowl.

When the chocolate is melted, turn off the saucepan from the fire, and add the chestnut cream. Mix all well.

Add the cream to the biscuits and amalgamate all with a wood spoon. Pour the mixture into the apposite little molds (if you haven't them you can make some little balls). Store them in fridge for about 30 minutes before serve.



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