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Tablet and smartphone, a new way to play and grow up with your children.

Children have a lot of confidence with the new digital instruments.

A recent research of AVG (an important software house that produces antivirus) has shown that more than 50% of children between 2 and 5 years are able to play with games for tablet of basic level, while only 11% of them are able to lace their shoes.

The majority of children use the touchscreen system of tablet and smartphone with nonchalance: they are able to play with their favorite games, to change the screen and to launch animated cartoons.

10 things not to do

1.  The devices with a touchscreen system are easier to use for the children than PC or other technologies.
2.  Stay with the child when he plays with the tablet, paying attention he interacts only with contents appropriate for his age.
3. Test personally the apps.
4. The tablet has be used to interact with your son, in order to spend together important moments of his growth.
5. You have to be discreet in order to allow the child to play in freedom. You have to guide your son, but let him free to discover the game.
6. Use the tablet in a creative way: there are a lot of apps that allow to write, to draw, to invent stories, to create new characters, etc....Remember: also technology can stimulate creativity.
7. The child can use the tablet to learn a lot of things, for example: a foreign language, the good habits of everyday life (how to brush teeth or to have a shower), etc.
8. Install a protection software (for example ‘parental control’), in order to block web sites that are not good for children.
9. Protect the tablet with a protection case.
10. Involve other children: the child should not use the tablet only to play alone, but it is important that he uses technology also to interact with other children.

10 things not to do

1. Don’t demonize tablet, pc and technology: if they are used in a correct way they can aid to learn important cognitive, spatial and motor skills.
2. Don’t download or test the games in the presence of the child: it’s advised to do that alone in order to verify if they are suitable for children.
3. Don’t exaggerate: children should not spend all afternoon in front of a tablet, pc or TV, because they are noxious for the sight and for their social life. It is indispensable to play in the open air.
4. Avoid light sources in front of or back of the screen, because they produce reflections.
5. Don’t get too much close to the screen.
6. Don’t forget to use pencils, sheets, scissors and glue. Tablets can’t sink them into oblivion.
7. Don’t quit reading books to your children.
8. Don’t allow your son to play with the tablet when he is sat eating at the table.
9. Don’t allow the child to play with the device after the 9.00 p.m., or in the hour just before or after the sleep.
10. Don’t give your children their own password to buy or to download the apps.


Published 01 April 2016