The word from the nutritionist

Return in good form with the Spinnboxe

The Spinnboxe is a new fitness activity that grows out of the union between the Spinning and the Fitboxe. .

The Spinning is practiced with a particular bike, whereas in the Fitboxe you throw kicks and punches at one punching bag that is supported by a mobile base. Both activities are exercised with the music.

The Spinnbox is suitable for all, it’s important to wear the Heart rate monitor in order to avoid to pass the personal maximum cardiac threshold. The clothing advised is the typical one of Spinning, with the boxing gloves typical of the Fitboxe. The first lessons have to be simple and with a low musical rhythm, in order to learn the coordination between the bike-riding and the classical boxe movements. After 4 – 8 weeks of training it is possible to make more difficult lessons.

If you practice a turn of focused exercises that make work your arms, legs and abdominal area you can return in good form in a few days. The spinning aids you to increase the lean body mass burning the excessive calories (about 700kcal in one hour of lesson) and the deposit of localized fat. The Fitboxe, that combine both aerobics and martial arts exercises, allow to download the anxiety.


Published 31 August 2016