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The cherry: fruit of paradise

This month the fruit of our special articles is the cherry, that with its bright colors, its rounded forms, its pulpy and its sweet taste brings the summer on your tables.

The cherry, that appertains to the Prunus Family, is original of the Asia Minor and in particular it came from Caucasus and Armenia; it has been presented in all Mediterranean area for about 3.000 years. The cherry’s cultivation is diffused in all world: in particular in China and in Japan, where the cherry-trees are very appreciated for their decorative value, and in North America. Instead, the wild tree is diffused in Europe .


The cherry, that was called “Fruit of Paradise” by an anonymous singer of the past, it is considered the symbol of the absolute pleasure and the irresistible temptation for its particular aspect and its tasty flavour. These tasty fruits have many important therapeutical properties important for your health. If you want to make a short depurative diet it’s important to eat cherries, in fact, they aid your body to expel the toxins thanks to their diuretic properties. Two recent researches, that were made in the US, have discovered that the consumption of cherry aids to reduce the cholesterol in the blood and to fight the insomnia.


The cherries are used in the cuisine art to prepare jam, to decorate cake, to produce a particular flavor wine or to accompany many savoury dishes. But the most curious palates can eat this fruit preserved in soft spirit or covered in fused chocolate.


Published 01 July 2016