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House cleaning with the tricks of your grandmother!

Spring is the perfect time to clean the house, for this reason you usually go to the supermarket to buy a lot of cleaning industrial products.

Maybe you don’t know that a green alternative to do the cleaning exists, it’s only necessary to open the cupboard of your kitchen to discover two important allies: the vinegar and the bicarbonate.  They can be used to clean everything without negative effects on your health, on the environment and on your pocket.

The vinegar is famous for its capability to remove the limestone and for this you can use it to clean the bathroom fixtures, the sinks and the hob. It’s also very useful to wash the copper and brass objects, the windows, the floors, the lighting fixtures and the stains on the carpet.  If you add it to warm water you can wash the inside of the oven and fridge. The vinegar is also very good as softener for your laundry, in fact, it’s able to remove the remains of the detergent and to free the fibers from the minerals content in the washing water.  Don’t forget that the vinegar aids to eliminate the weeds of your path, to keep away the ants and to avoid that the cat scratches the furniture.

Another ally of your grandmother is the bicarbonate that can be used to wash everything. The bicarbonate is abrasive, it prevents the formation of mushrooms and bacteria, it has the property to absorb the smell and, indeed, it aids to de-grease the dishes. You can add it to the water to clean the oven, the microwave and the fridge.  The bicarbonate is also a good friend for your laundry, in fact, it aids to remove the dirty from the dresses and to eliminate the bad smell (don’t use it for wool and silk dresses ) . You can use it to remove the traces of limestone from the taps and bathroom fixtures, to clean the bath tubs and the shower . This product is very good for your pets, for example, you can pour it on the cat litter under the sand in order to prevent pongs, or you can add some bicarbonate in the bath of your dog (3 spoons for 1 liter), in this way its wool becomes shiny and soft.


Published 18 April 2016