This is another creative idea to recycle the colomba and the chocolate Ester egg.



- 500g colomba Giampaoli

- 60g sugar 

- 4 tea-spoons of bitter cocoa  

- 400g ricotta cheese

- 250g sour-cherry Vis jam 

- 30g chocolate drops  



Choose the glasses  where you want serve the dessert. Spread in every glass  a spoon of sour-cherry jam, then dispose over the jam a slice of colomba. Pay attention to press well.

In a bowl mix the ricotta cheese with the sugar and bitter cocoa, then spread  a spoon of this mixture over the slice of colomba. Thus add another spoon of jam, a slice of colomba and a spoon of ricotta mixture. Finally spinkle the sweet of drops or chocolate or flakes of Easter egg.


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