This sweet is perfect a tasty Christmas gift


For the roll:

- 300g dry biscuits

-  30g bitter cocoa

- 80g chestnut cream

-  90g almond milk

For the stuffing:

- 8 spoons of chestnut cream

- 50g bitter chocolate

- 60g toasted almond (cut them with a cut)



Cut the chocolate and melt it in a waterbath, then add the chestnut cream. Mix it until obtain a homogeneous cream. Store it in fridege.

Prepare the roll: mince the biscuits with the cocoa until you obtain a flour. Pour it into a bowl and add the chestnut cream and the milk. Mix all ingredients.

Pour the compound over a parchment paper, cover it with a second foil and spread it with a rolling pin. Then spread over it the mixture previously stored in fridge.

Add the almonds and roll the sweet. Wrap it into a foil and close it with a twine.

Store in fridge for 2 hour and 10 minutes before cut it.


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