What do you think about a fragrant little cake prepared with figs jam ?


For the dough:

- 300g Arifa bio Ruggeri flour
- 150g cane sugar
- 100g butter
- 1 egg
- 1 yolk
- 1 little spoon of yest for sweet

For stuffing: 
- Figs extra Vis jam

:  Cake-pan 22-24cm diameter


Put all ingredients in the robot and knead it for 1 minutes. Divide the dough in 2 parts, a larger one and a smaller one. Spread the first dough forming a disk slightly larger of the diameter of the cake pan. Then put it into the cake pan, previously  covered with a baking paper.

Spread it with figs jam, and cover it with the remaining  dough.

Cook it in a pre-heated oven to 180°C for 30 minutes. Let it cold and the sprinkle it with icing sugar.


the "Natura Golosa" jams