Cake of the Sweden princesses

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Do you need of a sweet that leave your guests open-mouthed? Well take a pen and paper because here you can find the recipe that suits you.


For the base:

- 60g flour 00

- 20g starch

- 2 eggs

- 1 tea-spoon of water

- vanilla aroma

- the grated rind of one lemon

- a pinch of yeast

For the custard cream:

- 250 ml milk

- 1 yolk

- 35g flour

- 50g sugar

- the grated rind of one lemon

- vanilla aroma


For stuffing: 

- custard cream

- 200 ml cream 

- raspberry Vis extra jam


For the cover:

- 250/300g marzipan

- turquoise food colouring

- lilac food colouring

- sugar beads

- sugar for sprinkle



For the base. In a bowl whip the egg with the sugar for about 10 minutes, or unitil the mixture becomes white and frothy. Add the vanilla aroma and the greted rind of lemon, then pour the flour and the starch, mix delicately bottom-up. Pour the dough into a mould for zuccotto (diameter 15cm) previously butter and floured. Cook in a pre-heated oven to 160/170° for about 30 minutes. Let it cold.


Prepare the filling. In a saucepan pour the milk, the vanilla aroma and the rind of one lemon.  Make it boil. In a bowl whip the yolk with the sugar until the mixture becomes swollen, then add the flour and pour the milk. Mix well all ingredients and pour the mixture into the saucepan used for the milk. Cook it a low fire continue to mix using a wood spoon until the mixture thickens. Cover the soucepan with a food-film and let it cold. In the meantime whisk the cream till stiff.

Take the base of the cake and divede it in 3 disks + 1 cup. Stuff the first disk with the raspberries jam, then dispose over it the second disk and stuff it with a layer of  custard cream and a layer of cream, dispose the 3° disk and stuff it with cream. Close with the cup. Cover all cake with a cream.


Garnish the cake. Over a table work the marzipan with the some drops of food colouring until you obtain the desired colour. Using a rolling pin spread the marzipan and cover the cake. Dispose the zuccotto over a dish and decorate with a lilac belt, sprinkle with icing sugar and garnish with some marzipan flowers and  beads.


Note: keep on fridge for some hours befero serve.




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