The word from the nutritionist

A walk with fido to stay fit

It is known to all that having a dog is good for the spirit. But maybe it isn’t so known that the dog is an excellent method to maintain over the mental well-being and also the physical.

Take a walk our four-legged friend seems can help to return in form, maintaining the right weight and avoid the risk of hypertension and high blood.

The advantages of bring Fido out compared to attend gym are evident: it is economic, ecologic, funny and relaxing. According to a study made by the Michigan State University, the people who have a dog do more physical activity compared to other that work all day sitting at the desk and that practice an hour of tapis roulant.

From this research shows that those who have a dog walks half an hour a day for 5 days a week, this regularity is found only in a third of interviewees without a pet.  It is also seen that the dog owners engage gladly in various sports and gardening; they are also less likely to smoke.

Then the dog isn’t only the faithful friend of man but can become also a valuable ally of our health.

Published 01 July 2016