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Do-it-yourself Christmas gifts

Christmas is still a long way off, but in the shopping centers you can already feel the party atmosphere: the colours, the sounds and the gift ideas publicized everywhere.

November is the ideal month to think about the Christmas gifts, in particular way, if this year you would like to amaze relatives and friends with homemade presents.

In this time of recession the “do-it-yourself” comes back into fashion: needlecraft, decoupage, cross-stitch,.. it is only necessary to choose an activity, to buy the materials and above all to let your imagination run wild. You can create candles, jewels, photo albums, bottles with bath salts, garlands, pictures, scarfs, caps, gloves … the possibilities are infinite.

Don’t forget to the possibility offered by the cooking: Christmas is the perfect time to prepare cookies decorated with glace icing, chocolate, sugar or dried fruit. The cookies are both an ideal gift for teachers, friends, grandmothers or aunts but also a tasty decorations for your Christmas tree; in addition cooking can be a way to spend a pleasant afternoon with your children. In the kitchen you can also cook: spirits, flavoured oils, dried fruits, typical sweets, vegetable preserves,… may be you can package them into a gift basket or into a nice bag.

It’s also important to make ecofriendly gifts and for this it is important to remember to avoid bulky and not recyclable packages. A very environment-friendly gift is your time: many times people forget that friends and relatives appreciate much more the time spent to choose the gift than its economic value. So, why don’t you gift your time? It’s only necessary to find some ideas to lighten the life of your dears, for example you can gift to your friends a “babysitter bonus” that allow them to have a babysitter for one day, to your grandmother a “spring-cleaning bonus”…..

Don’t forget that your time or the homemade gift have the quality of originality: they are single pieces, totally personalized and express how much the receiver is important for you.


Published 14 November 2016