A typical autumnal cake.


Ingredients for a caketin with 24 cm of diameter:

- 2 organic eggs

- 1 yogurt jar of brown sugar

- 2 yogurt jars of flour 

- 1 yogurt jar of milk

- 1 yogurt jar of corn oil

- 1/2 packet of yeast

- 1 little pear

- 2 spoons of  "Natura Golosa" Chestnuts cream

- 1 spoon of chocolate drops


In a bowl whip the egg with the sugar until you obtain a frothy mixture. Then add the flour, the milk, the oil and the yeast. Mix all well. For the last amalgamate to the dough the chestnuts cream.

Pour the mixture into a cake-tin previously covered with a baking paper. Dispose over the cake the pear previously cut in thin slices and the chocolate drops.

Cook it in a pre-heated oven to 45 minutes to 170 C°. Serve it still warm.