Are you ready for trick or treat? Take care not to be taken by surprise and prepare these funny little pumpkins for all children that will sound your doorbell.


Ingredients for about 10 little pumpkins:

- 200g sponge cake

- 2 aboundand spoon of "Natura Golosa" chestnut cream

- 250g white chocolate

- orange food coloring

- pretzel for garnish




In a bowl mince the sponge cake, then add the chestnut cream and knead all with your finger until you obtain a soft ball. Divede it in 10 little balls. Hit slightly every ball in oder to give them the form of pumpkin.

Melt in a bain-marie the white chocolate and add the food coloring  one drop at a time; mix until you obtain an orange mixture. Take one ball with a fork a soak it into the chocolate. Put it over a grate in order to elimitate the eccessive chocolate. Break the pretzels and use them as petiole for your little pumpkins. Let them dry for about 2 hours in fridge before serve.